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With the release of our Animal Crossing drinks our journey started to change the way you can connect your own life with your favorite games and experience a new way of collecting, enjoying and consuming gaming merchandise.

Healthier, more sustainable and authentic are just some of the keywords that shape our work attitude or as Ezio Auditore da Firenze would say, our creed. Of course that means we’re far away from being finished. This is no seasonal product and definitely no one hit wonder. Our journey and that means your journey is not over.

We are very grateful for everything that we have learned together with Nintendo and all the feedback you, our community, have given us. That experience helped us to know what direction we want to go for in the future and what kind of products we want to make.

Not only with Nintendo but with other cool games from around the world too. Right now we’re in negotiations with more developers from Japan as well as the US and Europe. That means every product that you see from here on is officially licensed, just as Animal Crossing, visually stunning and taste wise as close as possible to the games you already love.

From casual games for families to story driven games up to the eSports market, Game Flavor is striving to deliver diverse products that will hopefully please every kind of gamer out there. No matter where you come from. 

Game Flavor will deliver cool drinks that are something we as gamers ourselves have always dreamed of. For now we’re leaving this with a little sneak peek into the future: Our next license is a cult classic and hungry for brains, so look out for it!

If you want to tell us something, give us feedback or if you think that you have the next killer license in mind that should be turned into a drink, contact us at we look forward to your message.

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