Our Mission


Welcome to the world of Game Flavor. This is not your average merchandise company. We bring Flavor to your favorite Game. With passion, expertise and a lot of ‘nerdiness’ too.

Think back to how it all started. If your character was running out of health or mana there was a potion to keep you alive. No matter the genre, beverages were always a big part of your journey. So why shouldn’t you be able to taste what they taste? This is where we join the game.

From carefully selected ingredients to sustainable material until the visuals and haptic of the finished product. Everything is made together with the developers of the game as well as our own passion that resulted in being gamers for a lifetime. This is not just a bottle with a logo on it.   

We started with no one less than Nintendo. A global player who has built the very foundation of home console gaming itself. Together with them we’ve built cute little drinks that gave you an idea how all those fruits you collect in your village could taste.

With this first product we collected a lot of feedback and input, which helped us to strive for even more in the future. So be curious and stay tuned. Because we’re going to take you to a journey that will change your gaming experience. 

With our products we cross the line between collectible and consumable and to be honest, we couldn’t have done that without the cheerful world of japanese pop culture. If you ever went there you probably saw all those brightly colored vending machines across the streets. But not only do they offer you tea and other refreshments but a lot of hidden treasures too - especially for gamers and nerds alike.

Cross promotions between iconic characters like Son Goku from Dragon Ball and coffee or tea brands are no rarity in Japan and we thought this is such a wonderful idea to stay refreshed and connected to your favorite hobbies at the same time.

You can see games, you can hear games, you can even feel them through the vibrations of your controller. So why not taste them? Japan inspired us and we’re going one step further. You’re not only going to love the design of our drinks. You’re going to love the taste. You’re going to love the emotions it will awaken within you and how it connects you with your favorite game in a way you’ve never experienced before. This is our mission.

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