The Fruits of Animal Crossing


Now that you know our drinks let us tell you a bit more about the different flavors in each of the bottles. Because there is actually a reason behind each taste that will not only play part in our Animal Crossing products but also in every possible future product that you can expect from us. 

Since Animal Crossing is operating in real time it has actual seasons that change parallel to the real world so you can discover new things during spring, summer, autumn and winter. One of these things are the different fruits that grow on trees and can be harvested for special items, the planting of new trees or just as a delicious treat. But wait? Did I hear it was delicious? Yeah that’s right! But then why shouldn't you be able to taste it as well? This is the keyword, because every Game Flavor product is either based on actual flavors you can find inside the game or resembles ingame items and brings them to real life. 

Over the years a lot of different fruits appeared in the Animal Crossing universe: apples, cherries, oranges, peaches, pears, bananas, coconuts, durians, lemons, lychees, mangos, persimmons and grapes.

For our first products we chose the taste of cherries, oranges and lemons to create the drinks you now know and love. Each flavor is presented to you featuring one of the famous and iconic Animal Crossing characters.

Our first bottle shows Melinda / Isabelle and combines the taste of vanilla, elderflower and oranges. Experience Isabelle’s fruity motivation!  

The second bottle is all about our build- and loanmaster Tom Nook and the combined taste of hibiscus, lemons and pomegranate. A profitable refreshment!

The third bottle represents the funky tunes of K.K. Slider and tastes like cherries, blueberries and herbal tea. A real funky mix!

So you can see there is a lot to choose from and a lot of possibilities for future Animal Crossing Game Flavor drinks. If that sounds as mouth watering for you reading it as it sounds for us writing it, why not experience the taste of cherries, oranges and lemons again with the already existing and exceedingly refreshing Animal Crossing drinks from our shop? 


For more information about the game itself, please visit the official website from Nintendo:

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