We are a team of gamers

We are a team of gamers

Let's have a look at which team members are playing which games shall we?


Our designer Viana said:

My favorite Games are FPS Games like Valorant and Horror Games such as Until Dawn. Since I mostly watch people on youtube or twitch and rarely play myself, it reminds me of hanging out with my brother when we were teens and watching him play Counter Strike 1.6 or Resident Evil. I still love experiencing a game with other people in a livestream or video.

Agentes de VALORANT: todos os agentes e habilidades

Our Marketing Specialist Senem said:

I've been passionate about creating captivating narratives and immersive experiences for players and gaming community. I'm a huge Witcher player and Dungeons and Dragons lover. My guilty pleasure is FPS games.

The Witcher PNG com fundo transparente para baixar grátis!


Our CEO Michael explains:

I had many favorite games throughout his youth that I remember such as Diablo, Command & Conquer, World of Warcraft and Commandos. I liked the combination of strategy and violence it seems.

Commandos 2 - HD Remaster

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