We Loves Tuesdays!

We Loves Tuesdays!

Here at GameFlavor, we love Tuesday mornings. We work in full agile mode, so we’ll have our daily’s, sprint plannings, retrospectives and have full transparent sharing of information.

But Tuesday mornings are particularly special. Our Gaming expert is tasked with prioritizing future license opportunities, prioritizes them based on popularity, hype and fit to our value proposition. Every Tuesday, he will run through one game of the past, present or future and give the team the full rundown. History, producers, storyline, in-game items, characters and at times even the Game-of-Thrones-like stories where the main designer of the game left the company and copied the concept with a competitor.


All of this is done on Miro. Miro is a great asset for us to be able to show information, tell a story, share designs and trigger discussion. As we are immersing ourselves into that particular game, we start thinking what product can we bring to life. We discuss initial concept idea, what items we want to include, if we feel this will truly get the fans excited and if it’s something we can deliver on.

After that our design team gets to work. Some titles we decide not to proceed as there is no clear fit. These moment of deciding “No” are celebrated equally as a win since we will not spend time on lost causes and keep our focus on what matters for GameFlavor.

We hope that you too have some moments in the week where work doesn’t feel like work and the team bonds in a meaningful way.


And of course it's always a pleasure to see the final product :)


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