Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector's Box

We have created the first and limited Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box. It is inspired by the storage box of the Resident Evil 1 Remake game released in 2002. It is by far the safest place in the game to store and protect your belongings from the outbreak.

The Storage Box

Creating a box not only for storage purposes but also to savely ship the First Aid Drink cans was not an easy task to accomplish - especially containing a total of ten cans and keeping the design as close as possible to the in-game storage box. After several prototypes we created an item that fits perfectly into the world of Resident Evil.

The First Aid Spray Drink

The First Aid Spray drink is the heart of our product. Focusing on recovery and healing it is one of the most memorable in-game items. In terms of taste and ingredients we converted herbs, spices and fruits from the game universe to the real world. The result is a tasty and refreshing drink.

The Ink Ribbon Can

The Storage Box includes additional goodies: Four Ink Ribbon cans. If you've ever played one of the classic titles of the series, you have certainly come across these items needed to save your game. Each Ink Ribbon can is filled with one of the four different herbs. Be sure to make the most out of these valuable gems. 

The Spray Cap

To keep the product more flexible and versatile we separated the drink cans and the Spray Cap. Now you can decide on your preferred way of displaying the First Aid Spray drink even after enjoying its contents. 

The Herbs & Cocktail Recipe Cards

One of the key items from the Resident Evil series and a must for our Storage Box were the different colored herbs. To create a delicious drink matching the herbs (non-alcoholic) Cocktail Recipe Cards are included. Feel free to unleash your creativity and create your own drink!