About us

At GameFlavor, we believe in enhancing the flavors that are depicted inside games. We want to bring to life the feeling you get when interacting inside your favorite game with food, drink potions and other in-game items. We have a team of gaming enthusiasts and industry experts, passionate about creating products that have meaning, are in-line with the story of the games and trigger nostalgic enthusiasm about the classic titles.
Our collectables are of the highest quality, limited edition and have an element of consumables to bring the best flavors from the games you love. It’s not just about gaming, it’s also about experience.

Michael Codd

Former global Martech Director at AB-Inbev and leading Global Gaming Council. 12 years of experience in consumer goods, with track record of building teams and digital products.​

Emrah Erkilic

Client relation manager and video game industry expert with a secret passion for design. Managing licenses and communication with licensors.​

Viana Speck

Graphic designer with a background in online game and prop/scenic design. Interested in product graphics & art, as well as marketing assets.​

Andre Holzmeister

Award-winning creative director and CG artist. Helped build invisible universe animation studio. Andre has also directed Malak and the Boat film that won 5 Cannes Lions including Grand Prix for Good.

Nadja Gallera

Social Media Marketing Support. 5 years of experience in Content Creation and Influencer Marketing as a Content Creator in the video game and movie industry. Next to being a passionate gamer, Nadja is an aspiring actress.

Marcelo Vilkas

Solid career in Supply Chain, team leader in multinational companies.
Developed and managed logistics and transport, strong expertise in developing Distribution Centres, acting in inventory control.

Founded in 2018

The idea for GameFlavor was born in a ramen shop in 2018, where the concept of infusing gaming experiences into the real world was first envisioned. GameFlavor.com has since grown into the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts seeking a more immersive and sensory gaming experience. Our passion for combining the virtual and real worlds has led to the creation of a unique platform that caters to those who crave more than just a visual gaming adventure.

2019 - First License agreement

We are proud to announce our partnership with Nintendo, the esteemed gaming giant that has joined forces with GameFlavor as our pioneer partner. Through this collaboration, we have acquired the exclusive license to distribute a variety of Nintendo-inspired beverages throughout Europe.

2020 - Animal Crossing

In 2020, GameFlavor made its debut with the launch of our first product line, featuring an array of gaming-inspired beverages, including those inspired by the beloved game Animal Crossing. As we gained insight into the evolving needs of the gaming community, we made a significant strategic shift to focus on in-game items. Today, GameFlavor.com proudly offers an extensive collection of exclusive in-game assets, including those from Animal Crossing, reflecting our dedication to enhancing the gaming experience and bringing virtual worlds closer to reality.

Capcom Logo


We are proud to announce our partnership with Capcom, the esteemed gaming giant that has joined forces with GameFlavor as our second major partner. Through this collaboration, we have acquired the exclusive license to distribute a variety of Capcom-inspired items throughout Europe, USA, and Asia.


We are excited to present the strictly limited Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector's Box, a must-have addition for any fan of this iconic game series. The collector's box includes ten unique drinks and herbs inspired by the world of Resident Evil, allowing you to savor the refreshing taste of cucumber-lime-mint while restoring your energy or reenacting your favorite scenes from the game.

Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collectors Box -- Product Overview