Exploring Resident Evil Premium Merchandise

Exploring Resident Evil Premium Merchandise
The Resident Evil franchise has managed to captivate gamers and fans alike with its innovative gameplay, storytelling, and iconic characters. As the series has evolved, so too has its merchandise, offering fans a chance to bring a piece of the survival horror world into their everyday lives. In this blog post, we will delve into three unique Resident Evil products: Nubytech's Chainsaw Controller, the Resident Evil Leather Jacket inspired by Leon S. Kennedy, and the Resident Evil Village Winter Jacket. Join us as we compare these intriguing items and explore their appeal to fans of the franchise.

Nubytech's Chainsaw Controller (priced in some places at €800): Back in the early 2000s, Nubytech introduced an innovative and slightly eerie accessory for Resident Evil fans – the Chainsaw Controller. Shaped like the menacing chainsaw from the game, this controller was designed specifically for Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo GameCube. While its functionality as a controller was similar to the standard GameCube controller, its unique design allowed fans to immerse themselves even further into the game's intense action sequences.

The Chainsaw Controller's appeal lies in its novelty and the way it pays homage to the franchise's penchant for iconic weapons. It's a collector's dream, combining functionality with a touch of horror-inspired aesthetics. Although not the most practical gaming accessory, it undoubtedly stands out as a unique and memorable piece of Resident Evil merchandise.



Resident Evil Leather Jacket – Leon S. Kennedy Edition (RRP €1,300): One of the franchise's most beloved characters, Leon S. Kennedy, has been a central figure in several Resident Evil games. To pay tribute to his enduring popularity, a Resident Evil Leather Jacket inspired by Leon's signature look was introduced. This leather jacket exudes a blend of ruggedness and style, capturing the essence of the survival horror world.

The Leon S. Kennedy Leather Jacket is a fashion-forward piece that allows fans to channel their inner hero while also making a bold statement. Its design incorporates elements from Leon's in-game attire, such as his iconic shoulder patches and distinct collar. This jacket not only appeals to gaming enthusiasts but also to fashion-conscious individuals who appreciate the fusion of gaming culture and style.



Resident Evil Village Winter Jacket (RRP €1,500): With the release of Resident Evil Village, fans were introduced to a chilling new chapter in the series. To commemorate this installment, a Resident Evil Village Winter Jacket was released, drawing inspiration from the game's wintry and eerie setting. This jacket combines practicality with a thematic design, making it suitable for both everyday wear and outdoor adventures.

The Resident Evil Village Winter Jacket features subtle nods to the game, such as embroidered logos and patterns reminiscent of the game's environment. It's a versatile piece that allows fans to showcase their dedication to the franchise while staying warm and comfortable. This jacket's understated yet immersive design captures the essence of Resident Evil Village, making it a must-have for fans of the series.


From gaming peripherals that bring a touch of horror to your gaming experience, to stylish leather jackets that let you channel your favorite characters, Resident Evil merchandise has something for every fan. Whether you're seeking a unique collector's item like Nubytech's Chainsaw Controller, a fashionable statement piece like the Resident Evil Leather Jacket inspired by Leon S. Kennedy, or a practical yet thematic jacket like the Resident Evil Village Winter Jacket, these products allow you to showcase your love for the franchise in creative and compelling ways. We solute fellow producers of our collectibles from our favorite franchise!