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Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box

Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box

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Saving our heroes since 1996!

Grab the strictly limited RESIDENT EVIL FIRST AID DRINK COLLECTOR’S BOX, including ten drinks and herbs related to the game. Enjoy the refreshing taste of cucumber-lime-mint and restore your energy or reenact your favorite scenes from the game.


Officially Licensed by Capcom Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved

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You'll receive one of 4750 uniquely numbered Resident Evil-inspired First Aid Spray Collector’s box*

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Width: 11.2” / 38.5 cm;
Depth: 10.2” / 26 cm;
Height: 8.5” / 22 cm;
Weight: 16.53 lbs / 7.5 kg

** non-alcoholic beverage. Drink ingredients:  Water, sugar, cucumber juice from cucumber juice concentrate (5,1%), lime juice from lime juice concentrate (0,5%), carbonic acid, acidifier citric acid, natural flavor, lemon juice concentrate, antioxidant ascorbic acid, colorant copper complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins.

**Nutritional declaration:

Average values per 3.38 fl oz:

Energy value (kJ): 157 kJ

Energy value (kcal): 36.8 kcal

Fat: 0.00035 oz (ounces) 

Saturated fatty acids: 0.00014 oz (ounces)

Carbohydrates:0.31 oz (ounces)

of which sugar:0.31 oz (ounces)

Contains minor amounts of fat, saturated fatty acids, protein, salt. 

Please be aware that the cans are exempt from the German "Pfand" (deposit) system.

Unleashing an unparalleled survival experience since 1996, we bring you the strictly limited "Resident Evil First Aid Spray Drink Collector’s Box". This official premium collectible includes ten immersive drinks and game-related herbs that will take you right back to the heart of the "Resident Evil" universe.

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Officially licensed by Capcom Co., Ltd., this collector's box is as authentic as it gets.